Complete plumbing systems, ranging from the installation of pipes for hot and cold potable water distribution for domestic plumbing and heating as well as sewage and drainage pipes.
We give special attention to our customers’ conserving water to reduce consumption. This is possible through our selection of mixer taps (preferably thermostatic taps, which also control gas consumption when using hot water), tap aerators and water saving WCs equipped with two buttons so only the required amount of water is used each time.


Traditional heating systems with the installation of insulated multilayer pipes and radiators. Radiant panel heating systems, which are heating elements that can be placed under the floor, in the ceiling or in a wall and that use the heat coming from serpentine pipes mounted on plates.

This type of heating is especially recommended for homes with mezzanines or high ceilings, since the principle of heat rising is applied.

Universal hybrid systems

Two-terminal heat pumps

Nous Plus heat pump water heater

Solar thermal heat pump water heater



Production of central heating systems and simple replacement of heat generators with the top brands of high-efficiency condensing boilers.


The company is qualified to work on fixed cooling and air conditioning equipment and fixed heat pumps containing fluorinated greenhouse gases. The certification can be consulted on the National electronic register of certified persons and companies.

We install room air conditioning systems consisting of copper pipes and heat pump climate control units with cooling and heating functions.

We install space cooling systems that use the same ceiling heating panels or through the installation of water based fan coils.

– Air duct systems powered by air treatment units;
– Solar thermal systems;
– Systems for the communal distribution of utilities, including apartment blocks.