Systems – Climate control – C.M.V.

Complete plumbing systems, traditional heating systems, installation of central heating and cooling systems…

Sheet metal works

Manufacture of sheet metal work in copper, aluminium or prepainted: gutters, downpipes, front panels for rainwater collection and roofing.

Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (C.M.V.)

C.M.V. systems use technology to provide continuous ventilation of residences by “controlling” fresh airflow rates based on specific design requirements.

Welded iron systems

Detail of on-site weld with cooling screen, resin transfer pump assembly with filter battery.

Core drilling

We drill cores using core-drills with diameters of up to 162 mm dry and 132 mm with water; diameters with water cooling range from 132 mm up to 450 mm.

Alternative energy

Alternative and renewable energy reduces consumption.


Installation of fire-prevention systems.